Inheriting the Nethersole's tradition of "Caring with Compassionate Love", our Homes are committed to the provision of love and "holistic care" with the Love of Christ, so that elders can enjoy a meaningful and dignified life.
Core Values
To focus on elders' physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects in providing Holistic Care.
All staff work closely to enhance Team Spirit for the benefit of elders to provide Quality Service with a caring attitude.
Through Continuous Learning we are able to add new elements to our service for Continuous Improvement.
To provide a warm home to elders for a healthy and enjoyable life;
To provide holistic care by closely monitoring personal health, and formulate individualized rehabilitation exercises to enhance better quality of life;
To foster friendship amongst elders, and to provide them with health education, counselling services as well as recreational activities;
To respect elders' individual freedom and privacy;
To facilitate communication and mutual support amongst elders, relatives and our Homes;
To provide spiritual care for elders and to support them with peace, joyfulness, eternal life, and hope to enrich their lives; and
To promote a "Care for the Carer" culture, which is conductive to the fostering of team spirit and the delivery of "Care with Compassionate Love".
Service Development
In 1998, our Foundation established the「Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home」in Kowloon Bay, which is a subvented service of the Social Welfare Department. This has marked our unreserved commitments towards the provision of quality care for the elderly. Over the last decade, we have endeavoured to excel in the service for the seniors and to address to the needs in the community, as exemplified by our operation of a contract home of the SWD, known as the「Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Elderly Care Home」in Sau Mau Ping from 2003 to 2008, and the commissioning and management of the 「United Christian Nethersole Care Home」in 2007. The latter home is a joint venture with our sister organization, the United Christian Medical Service, running on a self-financed basis.
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Nethersole Elderly Care Home
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