Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home
Commencing service in early May 1999, and with a floor area of 8,070 square meters, the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home (ANNH) is our first residential Home providing 238 government-subsidized beds, and long-term medical, nursing care and residence to those needed senior citizens at the age of 65 or above.
Scope of Services
Medical Care
Resident Medical Officer provides medical and geriatric care, diagnosis and treatment, and makes referrals to other hospitals, if required. ANNH has a close connection with the nearby district hospital, to provide seamless medical services to the residents.

Nursing Care
24-hour nursing care are provided by professional nurses, in areas such as individual assessment and formulation of individualized care plan; aiming to provide total resident care in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects.

Rehabilitation Services
Physical Therapist provides individual assessment and formulation of rehab plan for each resident, to improve or maintain the physiological and physical functions, as well as psychological needs of residents, so as to enhance their general well-being. Occupational Therapist enhances resident's self-image through various types of therapeutic activities which help residents with difficulties in self-care, work and leisure.

Integrated Dementia Care Unit
The Unit was made possible with the financial support of the Board of Governors. Different professionals of our Home and the appointed architect worked together to design the Unit. The Chinese oriented design and homely furnishings are for residents' easy identification.

A multi-sensory room, a wandering pathway, a reminiscence room, an interactive aquarium picture and a podium garden have been set up to facilitate a variety of therapeutic activities.

In view of the increasing number of residents with physical deterioration, Occupational Therapy and Social Work Departments co-organize different types of therapeutic groups and training for the frail and demented residents.

For residents with deteriorated memory, we provide reality orientation programme, reminiscence sharing and sensory training. For residents with expression difficulties, we provide music therapy and massage therapy.

Social and Recreational Activities
Social Worker provides counselling services, concern groups services, various types of indoor and outdoor activities and minor purchase services to the residents, to cater the residents' psychosocial needs.

Chaplaincy Service
Our Chaplain provides individual spiritual care and counselling services to the residents. The Chaplain will also arrange different religious activities, such as midday worships, fellowships, and volunteer visits according to the preference of residents. The Chaplain endeavours to bring new elements into the service in order to accommodate the changing needs of our residents.

Other Services
Dietetic Advisory Services
Outpatient Follow-up Escort Services
In-house Laundry Services
In-house Dispensary Services
Room Facilities
51 Rooms: 4 3-Bed Rooms, 9 4-Bed Rooms and 38 5-Bed Rooms
All electric beds with remote control, residents can self-adjust their beds to comfortable angles and height
Safe and comfortable geriatric chairs
Individual wardrobe and bedside locker
Call bell directly linked to Nurse Station

Electro-therapeutic Equipments in the Physical Therapy Gym
Ultra Sound, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Interferential Current, etc.

Occupational Therapy Activity Room
Evaluation and therapeutic equipments for Eye-Hand Coordination, Cognition, Fine Motor Movement, etc.

Residents' Dining Room
Comfortable environment with special armchairs for frail residents

Other Facilities
Interview Room
Recreation Room
Flat Roof Garden
Vehicle with Wheelchair Lifter
Application Procedure
Application can be made via Social Welfare Department's Family Services Centre or via referral of Social Workers of Non-governmental Organizations.
Monthly fees as per the guidelines set forth by the Social Welfare Department (excluding personal medical and miscellaneous expenses).
Bus No: 5D, 15A, 107, 224X, 641 (stop at Wan Chiu Road)
All buses passing Kwun Tong Road (stop at Kai Yip Estate, then walk about 5-10 minutes)

No. 46: from Tai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview) to Richland Gardens
No. 51M: from Kowloon Bay MTR Station (Telford Gardens phase II) to Richland Gardens (next to ANNH)
No. 56: from Kwun Tong Shui Wo Market to Richland Gardens (next to ANNH)
Visiting Hours
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
(Visitors are required to comply with infection control measures as instructed by our staff)
Contact Us
2/F-6/F, Kowloon Bay Health Centre, 9 Kai Yan Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2116 7300
Fax : (852) 2116 0070
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