NICHE builds up partners through collaboration to broaden the network and to enrich the content of education. Holistic Health and Care conferences were organised, experts in religious, medical and social science fields were invited to share their studies and findings. Presented papers were collected and published.
Holistic Health & Compassionate Love Workshop
Speaker: Dr. Andrew LUK
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Holistic Health Conference - Heritage of Compassionate Care: to love and be loved
  Speaker & Topic
Prof. LEUNG, Gabriel M. : The Heritage of Nethersole’s Compassionate Care from 1887 to 2017 Ms. LIU, Faith & Ms. SZETO, Yan : From Professionalism to Succession of Care
  Rev. Dr. FUNG, Patrick & Dr. FUNG CHENG, Jennie : From Embracement, Inheritance to Action of Care
The Practice of Holistic Care: Towards a Full-fledged Approach
Speaker & Topic:
  • Mr. LAU Chun-to, The need of holistic care: a patient perspective
  • Prof. Francis CHAN Ka-leung, Preparation of healthcare professionals for holistic care: From medical stream
  • Prof. CHAIR Sek-ying, Preparation of healthcare professionals for holistic care: From nursing stream
  • Dr. Chui Tak-yi, Facilitation of holistic care in healthcare settings: A managerial perspective

    Life on Line@Souful Connection
    Speaker: Dr. Philemon Choi, Father Thomas Kwan, Prof. Dianna Lee, Mr. Lee Kam Hung,
                    Professor Simon Kwan, Ms. Sue Yueng and Mr. Eric Lau

    Spirituality, Religion & Holistic Health: Serenity in the Turbulence of Life
    Speaker : Dr. Philemon Choi, Prof. Cecilia Chan, Dr. Ko Wing Man, Dr. Raymond Chen, Prof. Diana Lee,
                     Ms. Li Po Moon, Mr. Alfred Cheung, Rev. Dr. Li Ping Kwong, Dr. Tong Wai Hop,
                     Rev. Choy Wai Man, Ven. Sik Hin Yan

    Disenfranchised Grief
    Speaker : Mr. Ng Shu Sum, Mr. Andrew Ng, Dr. Maureen Wong, Ms. Chan Man Yee, Ms. Tong Sun Nam
    Spirituality, Religion & Holistic Health: Transcendency of Human Predicament
    Speaker : Prof. Joseph Sung, Dr. James Leung, Dr. Philemon Choi, Mr. Leung Tak Wah, Ven. Sik Hin Hung,
                     Father Xu Jinyao

    Spirituality, Religion & Holistic Health: The Boundary Situation and Its Transcendence
    Speaker : Prof. Paul Wong, Dr. Philemon Choi
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