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腫瘤科專業人員之臨床體驗:如何跨越工作困境. 霍心,陸亮(2015)
Macau Journal of Nursing 2015 Vol.14 No.2
Full article
Holistic Health Status Questionnaire: developing a measure from a Hong Kong Chinese population Chan Choi-wan, Frances Wong Kam-yuet, Yeung Siu-ming, & Fok Sum (2016)
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Assessment of spirituality in the Hong Kong Chinese chronically renal failure patients and nurses: Development of an instrument and interventions. Esther Mok.
The Healthy Lifestyles of Enrolled Nurse Students of Two Nursing Schools in Hong Kong. Luk Leung, Fok Sum & Wong Wai-shun. (2014).
Macau Journal of Nursing, 13(1), 30-34, 20.
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香港登記護士學生對健康心靈的認知。 霍心,陸亮 (2013)。
澳門護理雜誌,第 12 卷,第 1 期,30-34 頁。
摘要 全文
The effects of a transitional care programme using holistic care interventions for Chinese stroke survivors and their care providers: A randomized controlled trial. Yeung Siu-ming. (2012).
Holistic concerns of Chinese stroke survivors during hospitalization and in transition to home.
Yeung Siu-ming, Wong Kam-yuet, & Esther Mok. (2011).
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(11), 2394–2405.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2011.05673.x
腦卒中患者整體護理中靈性需求的探討。 黃金月,楊笑明 (2010)。
中國護理管理,第 10 卷,第 10 期,27-30 頁。
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-1756.2010.10.010
Position Statement on Spirituality. Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital. (2005).
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