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We provide the following services for families with cancer patients to support their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs through telephone counselling, outreach visits, local support group meetings and mobilization of community resources.

We believe that every family with cancer patients have their own resources. At the same time, they also need different levels of support. If you know any family with cancer patients, please feel free to contact us at 2689 2241 for enquiry and support.

Telephone Counselling

Provide immediate emotional support

Cancer Information

Learn to alleviate the side effects after surgery and during chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese

Understand the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of cancer

Nutrition Tips

Advice on nutrition so that patients can be in a good condition for treatment

Outreach Visits

Support family with cancer patients through home visits and visit to oncology outpatient department

Community Resources

Refer the family to appropriate community resources, like domestic helpers, escort services, financial assistance etc.

Local Support Groups

Create a relaxing platform to meet other cancer patients and cancer survivors

Family Outings

Enjoy quality family time and leave the distress of cancer behind