Education and Training: Aiming at enhancing effective holistic care to oneself through experiential learning, training and interactive workshops and to inspire, reflect and introduce evidence-based holistic practices for all sectors of health care professionals and supporting staff

The four main domains of physical, psychological, social and spiritual components are directed for enhancing better personal wellness and fruitful work life fulfillment

There are three main thematic programmes:

  • Holistic Wellness Enhancement Programme
  • Holistic Care Enhancement Programme
  • Holistic Leadership Programme

Cultural Heritage and Education: Aiming at the succession of core values in holistic belief and multi-level cultural exchanges with Nethersole spirit

Programmes & Cultural promotion activities:

Holistic Wellness Enhancement Programme

Aiming at enhancing the carers’ own well-being so as to increase personal resilience in facing workplace challenges  

  1. Caring Workshop
  2. Coping with Crisis at Work
  3. Enhancing Personal Growth at Work (SQUID model)
  4. Stress Management And Resilience Training (SMART) Workshop for Junior Nurses
  5. Dance Psuche
  6. Drama Psuche
  7. Developing Therapeutic Humor
  8. Application of Music Therapy in Daily Life & Clinical Setting
  9. Taichi & Self-Defense
Holistic Care Enhancement Programme

Aiming at preparing health care staff’s readiness and proficiency in holistic care delivery  

  1. Human Relationships at workplace
  2. Patient-centred Care Enhancement Programme
  3. Communications & Handling of Complaints (in health care settings)
Holistic Leadership Programme

Aiming at developing clinical leadership envisioned with vocational calling in effectual positive client-centred care 

  1. Personal Risk Management Education (PRIME) for Clinical Managers
  2. Enhancing of Professional Vocation & Team Spirit Workshop
  3. Team Effectiveness Enhancement Workshop
  4. Professional & Personal Enhancement Programme (PPEP) for Senior Nursing Managers
Cultural Heritage and Education

Aiming at the succession of core values in holistic belief and multi-level cultural exchanges with Nethersole spirit 

  1. Orientation Programmes of Holistic Health to New Graduate Nurses
  2. Holistic Health Teaching for Undergraduate Nursing Students and Medical Students
  3. Exchange Programmes with health care professionals from mainland China, Macau and other neighboring countries in holistic health