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Visitation and Counselling

We share the burden of the patients and their families through visitation and counselling.

Emotional Support

Emotions of hospitalized patients can be complicated. We are more than willing to share and provide support.

Spiritual Care

Sickness sometimes can raise queries towards life like loneliness, guilty, struggle, fragile etc. We would love to support the patients spiritually.

Palliative Care

We care the soul of end-of-life patients and their family members. To ease the heaviness in facing death can help the patients to finish well in dignity. At the same time, bereavement care is provided for family members.

Discharge Support

Visiting discharged patients and referring them and their family members to suitable organisations or churches for in-depth follow-up.

Event Planning

Organizing activities for patients, families and staff such as noon worship services, staff fellowship, evangelical meetings, interest groups, choir groups and religious groups etc.

Staff Care

Chaplains are also spiritual ambassadors to provide pastoral care services and to counsel staff in need.