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Spiritual Care for patients and their caregivers

Spiritual care and organizing evangelical activities to patients and their caregivers.

Daily visits to patients at bedside and 24 hour urgent call service.

Spiritual Care for staff

Spiritual care and organizing evangelical activities to staff and their family

Pastoral Counselling Centre

Pastoral Counselling Centre (PCC) provides pastoral care to discharged patients and staff with pressing emotional and family issues

Special Religious Activities

Special Religious Activities (noon services, prayer meeting, fellowship, choir practices baptism and funeral services) and Seasonal Celebrations

Serving and Liaison with Local Community and Churches

Liaison with local Christian community for strategic partnership in Spiritual Care community clinics

Spiritual Care Education

Spiritual care education to chaplains (CPE), volunteers and the local community. For more information of the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), please click here.

Elderly Spiritual Service

Elderly Spiritual Service to the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Nursing Home